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The main objective of the CCB art association network is to fill an essential gap in the life and work of collectors, artists and in general for people's orientation and behaviour at the market concerning 'value(s)': the lack of a truthful vision and self-confidence of initiation and development of artwork's collecting today. The impetus why, through, about and dedicated to whom our exacting work, our researches and support will be always conducted are connoisseurs and artists themselves. Their activities and experiences have crucial consequences in the fields of collecting art and within the market. Moved by the challenge to establish new strategies and to conciliate artistic merits, buyers' mind sets and different ideas of value we bring art collectors closer to each other and to outstanding artists. In Salons, gallery exhibitions, studio talks, publications and at fairs we accompany collectors and artists for long-term relationships. Literally in favour of high attentiveness to artworks of established collections and of young art lovers, as well as emerging artists, the Collectors Club was founded in Berlin by curator Jana M. Noritsch for the purpose of successful exchange of knowledge and encounters. While we welcome interested persons constantly by helping to realise their projects and by providing them necessary strategies and entries, connaisseurs could hardly more diverse at large of their focusses: One collects every artwork with fruits, irrespective of technique, age or genre. Others love to buy Baselitz or collect only lithography of a distinctive time frame.. Do not hesitate to ask your questions:

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